Umeå Kommun

When creating the audio profile for Umeå Kommuns visual logo i used assets recorded in Umeå, birch-trees, local birds, Cello, Pedal-organ mixed with ambient elements and clean electronic sounds handcrafted on my modular syntheziser system, all harmonized in an uplifting way in an effort to portray safety, authority, progress and positivity.


Umeå Kommun, Humbly.


Q1 2018

Selected Works

Action EZ-drummerPlug-in Expansionpack

Cinematic Grand, EZ-keysPlug-in Expansionpack

The Sound of DrowningSound design

Ditt BibliotekSound logo

FricoSound logo

Umeå KommunSound logo

Topp 3Foley, Sound design

ProletärenFoley, Sound design, sound mix