Ditt bibliotek

In this project i was asked to create a sound-driven logotype that works on its own and also together with an animation. Since the project was about digitalization of librarys, i took insperation from books and newspapers. I recorded and blended the sound of paper and rapid turning of pages. The pages gradually transform over to a digital flickering sound, accompanied by melodic elements. The entire segment ends with the drop of a book, layered with digital chords. The final text on the animation comes with a subtle reverberated "breath".


Persikamy, Ditt bibliotek


Q1-Q2 2020

Selected Works

Action EZ-drummerPlug-in Expansionpack

Cinematic Grand, EZ-keysPlug-in Expansionpack

The Sound of DrowningSound design

Ditt BibliotekSound logo

FricoSound logo

Umeå KommunSound logo

Topp 3Foley, Sound design

ProletärenFoley, Sound design, sound mix